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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

1. Gambling may be addictive and harmful if not controlled and kept in moderation. Please play responsibly. If you are concerned with your gambling activity, you can contact specialist organisations that will help you with your problem: GamCare (, GambleAware (

2. We offer responsible gaming measures for those Customers who wish to restrict their gambling activities on the Website. The following responsible gaming mechanisms are available and can be accessed by contacting either our Customer Support:

(a). self-exclusion;

(b). Cool Down period;

(c). financial limits on bets and loses;

(d). limits on session time.

3. If you wish to be self-excluded from our Website, you should request it by contacting our Customer Support. Self-exclusion will prevent you from using your Player Account for an indefinite period. We will close your account and refund all the remaining balance on your account. We will not distribute to you any material on the available promotion on our Website. You will not be able to reopen your Player Account.

4. If you need a break from gambling on the Website, you can ask us for a cool down period. Once the cool-down period is requested, you will receive a confirmation from us within 48 hours. In all cases, your request will be complied with as soon as it is acknowledged by us. Cool Down period is not a self-exclusion.

5. You can choose to impose a limit on the maximum bets and losses that you may incur on our Website. You may also choose to impose a time limit per session.

6. In the even, you request an adjustment to your limits (including limits on deposits, bets and losses) or a Cool Down period:

(a). new limits that are stricter than those previously imposed, or an extension of a Cool Down period will take effect immediately from the time of an adjustment;

(b). new limits that are more lenient than those previously imposed will only take effect after a 7-day cooling off period from the time of an adjustment;

(c). Cool Down period shall only be shortened after a 7-day cooling off period, unless the existing Cool Down period is due to end within that 7-day timeframe, in which case it shall remain unaltered.

7. Underage play is prohibited on our Website. We implement various measures to ensure that children cannot use our Website, including date of birth registration upon registration. We also assist our Customers in preventing their children entering gambling websites. One of the ways you can stop children accessing our Website is by use of the filtering program such as: Net Nanny, CYBERsitter or Internet Content Rating Association. They will help you block certain websites and schedule your children’s access to the Internet. You can also keep record of the websites that your children visit during this scheduled and monitored time.

8. All capitalised terms used herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Terms & Conditions of the Website, unless otherwise stated.